How It Works?

In this section, we try to explain how integration works and the concepts to make you familiar.


vBLink makes decisions about how things should be done based on the information which WordPress profile is linked to which vBulletin profile. So, a WordPress account needs to be linked to a vBulletin account to make sure both accounts belong to the same user. This link can be created either on login time automatically or by a WordPress administrator manually. Once accounts are linked, the integration is enabled for that profile.


vBLink does not break things for unlinked profiles. You can use it safely with both old and fresh WordPress installations.

Profile Linking


When a user submits the login form, vBLink intercepts the process and tries to authenticate user in vBulletin. When the authentication is successful and user hasn’t been linked to a WordPress profile yet, it searches for a profile in WordPress with the same email and links them automatically. There is also a choice to search for a profile with the same username if email does not work. When there is no profile to match, vBLink creates a new WordPress account.


Don’t worry! You can control the automatic profile linking workflow with options.


You can link users manually from WordPress user edit screens if automatic linking doesn’t work for you. vBLink will help you with suggestions and vBulletin user search with autocomplete feature.

Profile Synchronization

Linked WordPress profiles are updated from vBulletin profiles in every login. You can choose which fields are synchronized.

Bulk Synchronization

You can set a cron task from settings to bulk sync users from vBulletin without waiting them to login.